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Field Phone Detail


Field Phone closed & ready for travel.                                                      Detail of Morse code plate on top right of lid.

Lid open with dynamo handle shown in "stored" position.

Closeup of crank handle. The small white button is "Pruftaste" or proof test. Pressing it causes the bells to ring on this phone as a line check.

Inside lid circuit diagram detail.

Battery storage compartment & battery box in place. This seems to be often missing in these phones. Crank detail at right.

Handset switch detail.                                                                             Extra earphone that can be used with these phones.

Detail of extra earphone plug connected to phone. At right, the front sockets to allow two phones to be joined together. This is not used to connect the phone to a switchboard.


Diagram of how to connect phones together with the "patch" cables to use one phone as an exchange.


I recently found a late war (1944) phone marked for Arctic use











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